Looking for a powerful career choice?

The logistics profession is an exciting, dynamic and evolving world. Fastmoving and tech-led, there’s so much happening and so much to learn. 

We’re a growing organisation, with over 100 team members. If you love a challenge, if you enjoy being part of a dynamic team, and love helping customers, then get in touch. A role with AFS Logistics can really power your career forward, beyond anything you might have thought possible.

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Your licence to shine

The AFS Logistics culture is open, encouraging
and rewards original thinking. It fosters the
latest innovation and technology across
a wide range of disciplines and supports
learning and training for colleagues from
diverse backgrounds. Mentoring and buddy
programs are complemented by health
and wellbeing initiatives to help support all
aspects of our peoples’ lives.

We have a busy social club, many company and team celebrations and participate in regular community and volunteering events that create a vibrant workplace in which every person is valued. 

Connected and making a difference

At AFS Logistics, our focus is helping our customers. In practice, this translates to helping people, whether with a creative customer service
solution, or using cutting edge IT and business analytics to crack a problem.

If helping individuals and businesses succeed and having the freedom to learn, grow and make a difference in an exciting growth industry appeals to you, then think about a career with AFS Logistics.

A better way for everyone

Our culture of continuous improvement extends beyond our own organisation to the wider community.

We are proud of the fact that our industry keeps our country’s most essential services running. 

We’re also steadily increasing our environmental initiatives, we are involved with giving for a range of charities and community services and we’re open to ideas and suggestions from our team about better ways to work together for the benefit of the entire community.

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